Vote For Your Favorite of the New Signature Series Beers

by / Monday, 05 January 2015 / Published in Brewer's News, Slider
Imp Stout web post

Dry Dock wants your feedback on the new Signature Series beers— Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, Whiskey Barrel-Aged Double Brown Ale, Whiskey Barrel-Aged Double Hazelnut Brown Ale, Whiskey Barrel-Aged Double Vanilla Porter, and Whiskey Barrel-Aged Double Coffee Porter.

Vote for your favorite of the new Signature Series beers here.




Here are the complete 2014 Signature Series beer descriptions with food pairings.

Imperial Stout
9.2% ABV 50 IBU
A robust imperial stout with pronounced roasted bitterness that is balanced by chocolate undertones and a dark fruit backbone. This velvety textured beer ages in whiskey barrels for 11 months, adding vanilla and coconut nuances to its flavor and aroma.

Double Brown Ale
8% ABV 30 IBU
This winter warmer is a double-strength English brown ale with a nutty, caramel backbone and pronounced, earthy bitterness. Dry Dock Double Brown is aged in whiskey barrels, adding depth to its toasted flavor with a hint of chocolate and notes of walnut and plum.

Double Hazelnut Brown Ale
8% ABV 30 IBU
This full-bodied, Double Brown Ale is aged in whiskey barrels with added hazelnut, which creates its earthy, nutty complexity and caramel, toffee-forward aroma.

Double Vanilla Porter
9.3% 20 IBU
Dry Dock’s classic Vanilla Porter recipe, amplified. This beer has a dark chocolate essence with hints of dark fruit and subtle smoke. Big-bodied and creamy, Double Vanilla Porter is a strong ale that takes on whiskey and oak aromas from the barrels it ages in, and finishes surprisingly dry for a beer of its brawn.

Double Coffee Porter
9.3% 20 IBU
Cold brew coffee was added to Dry Dock’s naked porter, which was aged in whiskey barrels to create this complex beer. Double Coffee Porter smells of roasted coffee and oak staves, with hints of dark chocolate and nuttiness to taste. This beer’s creamy body comes from the addition of flaked barley.