Introducing the Aloha Biz Hawaiian Porter

by / Thursday, 19 June 2014 / Published in Brewer's News, Slider
aloha biz

Ladies and gentlemen— fresh on tap at Dry Dock is our brand new beer, the Aloha Biz Hawaiian Porter! Our very own Lyssa Walborn wrote this porter recipe, which used 30 pounds of toasted macadamia nuts and 40 pounds of toasted coconut. “I wanted to make a porter with coconuts, and I thought it would be fun to add one more element so I went with macadamia nuts to really make it have that hawaiian feel,” Lyssa says. “A super chocolate porter with a slight coconut nuttiness is what I was going for.”

Here’s a fun fact: Lyssa names all of her beers after nicknames given to her dogs. “My dogs have a lot of nicknames” she says, “so I’m sure I’ll never run out of beer names.”

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  1. Scottie says :

    Can’t wait to try it!!!