Dry Dock's new Brewmaster is… Doug Hyndman

by / Thursday, 19 January 2012 / Published in Brewer's News, Slider
Doug Hyndman

Dry Dock’s new Brewmaster is…
Doug Hyndman

Please join us in congratulating Doug on being named Dry Dock’s new brewmaster.  We are very excited that he has accepted the position to lead Dry Dock’s brewing staff.  We feel his strong technical expertise and organization will help us succeed in 2012 and beyond.  And, he successfully showed us that we can brew 14 times in 5 days to get all the taps full!  That also means we will probably see more hop bombs on the board as well….. Hopabomination 3, Hopabominatin 4, Hopabomination 5…

After Doug accepted the job, he mentioned how “jazzed” he is about the job given he bought his first homebrew kit from The Brew Hut!

Congratulations, Doug!