Dry Dock Brewing Company Releases 2015 Bligh’s Barleywine

by / Tuesday, 01 December 2015 / Published in Brewer's News

Dry Dock Brewing Company is releasing the 2015 batch of Bligh’s Barleywine this Thursday, December 3 at Canoe Room at North Dock at 2pm. This whiskey barrel-aged Signature Series beer is one of the brewery’s most sought-after offerings.

Malty and complex, this big beer has a strong caramel backbone supporting oak and whiskey flavors with hints of dark fruits. The nose wafts of coconut, toffee, and a smooth hint of alcohol. The flavor and aroma merge, becoming one after just one single sip. There is a touch of bitterness, and it will age nicely.


Bligh’s Barleywine debuted in 2008 as Dry Dock’s first barrel-aged beer and was released in bombers for the first time in 2011. Each batch uses the same recipe originally created by Dry Dock Co-Owner Kevin DeLange and former Assistant Brewer Jim Denier. Bligh’s is a higher alcohol, barrel-aged version of Dry Dock’s HMS Bounty Old Ale.This larger-than-life beer is accordingly named after William Bligh, Vice Admiral of the Blue who was the captain of the HMS Bounty.

On September 3, 1787, the HMAV Bounty (Her Majesty’s Armed Vessel) or more commonly called the HSM Bounty (Her Majesty’s Ship), launched from the drydock of Deptford to Otaheite (Tahiti) on an expedition for breadfruit. After gathering the breadfruit for five months, the crew departed for the West Indies where the plant was to be grown as a possible food crop. Before the ship could reach the Caribbean, Vice Admiral William Bligh and 18 loyal crewmen were cast to sea after Bligh’s protégé, Fletcher Christian mutinied with 18 other men. Know as the “mutiny on the Bounty” Admiral Bligh and his men were left with only enough food to last for a week, a quadrant, and a compass. Bligh was successfully able to navigate a small 23-foot boat on a 47-day journey with only one casualty back to land.

Food Pairing:

Bligh’s Barleywine is best paired with foods that are lighter with savory or tart characteristics to cut its sweetness. Try reducing the barleywine for a salad dressing or marinating meat with some bold spices. You can also add bacon and squash to the meal to add a nice finishing touch.


Bligh’s Barleywine is available once a year seasonally on tap at South Dock and North Dock. It also makes an annual appearance  in 22oz bombers available at South Dock and North Dock and in limited quantities at liquor stores across the state.